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Old glory makes for a new classic.

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Designed by Arne Wahl Iversen in 1959. At that time Denmark was entering a new era. Arne was inspired by the telephone which you recognize when you see the chair from above. Furthermore, it was thought to be a comfortable chair beside the telephone in the house. The arm- and backrest were originally made from one single piece of wood but today made with mortise and tenon joints which make the chair exceptionally strong.

The Oval chair is a modern classic that has found its way into many stylish homes over the years. It has won several awards both nationally and internationally.

Seatheight: 44cm
Weight: 5,5 kg

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The Designer

Arne Wahl Iversen

Arne Wahl Iversen was born in 1927 in the small town of Nyborg in Denmark.

Arne Wahl Iversen

He grew up in his fathers’ furniture store and from a young age showed a talent for design. Arne took education as furniture craftsman in Odense and then moved to Copenhagen where he attended the Kunstakademiet (art academy) from 1949-1951 in the school of furniture art lead by Mr. Kaare Klint.

At the age of 25, Arne returned to Nyborg and founded his own studio for furniture design with the idea to make elegant and functional furniture in extraordinary handmade quality.
He soon became one of the most recognized designers of Scandinavian Midcentury Modern Design.
Arne worked until the beginning of 80’ies and has left behind several contemporary design treasures that are now being re-produced 1-1 by Skovgaard Jensen who was one of Arne Wahl Iversen’s favourite partners.