Skovgaard Jensen 1903

SJ.67 Captain

Skovgaard Jensen is proud craftsmanship rooted in tradition with a sharp eye on tomorrow’s movements.
Craftsmanship is fusing function and feel. Our designs have obvious functionality and work as beautiful aesthetic objects, perfectly balanced, drawing attention while adding joy and value to any kind of room.

Fusing yesterday’s ideas with tomorrow’s materials

All the leather types used are sourced from Danish Sørensen Leather and comply with EU regulations, which impose the strictest requirements in the industry.
All wood is certified.
All textile is sourced from Kvadrat.

It started with a man …

In the 1950s Jens Lauritz Skovgaard Jensen from the factory in Ringkobing established a working relationship with the designers and architects Arne Wahl Iversen, Erik Buck & Johannes Andersen. Handmade quality, distinctive ideas and proud Danish furniture tradition have brought the company steadily to today. The rest is history in the making.

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For lovers of greatness
Danish Design made by hand and heart since 1903

The Collection

The birth of every piece of SKOVGAARD JENSEN furniture, its design and its story. Emerge yourself in a catalogue of great design.

The Story

In 1903 in a small Danish village called Hornslet, a proud story of furniture design was in the making.