Skovgaard Jensen 1903


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Raw and sophisticated. Comfortable and aesthetic.

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The Buck Leather Lounge chair was originally designed by Erik Buck in 1955 for R. Skovgaard Jensen.

A raw and sophisticated piece of furniture with its very own design language. The Buck Leather Lounge chair seems to combine the clunky safari-like chairs with the characteristic fine Scandinavian design tradition. An elegant chair with a simple yet distinct expression. A perfectly refined Oak frame with only two pieces of thick-cut leather mounted on the backside with 3 heavy-duty brass screws clearly visible as part of the design. The leather seat is folded around the sides and buckled with 3 50mm brass harnesses. Sharp and soft at the same time. A modern classic that will get even more beautiful coming of age.

Seatheight: 42cm
Weight: 5kg

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The Designer

Erik Buck

Erik Buck was born in Copenhagen in 1923.

Erik Buck

His designs carried the form, of what is called "The Modern Scandinavian Style". Like many of the well known contemporary Danish designers, Buck’s trademarks was “organic, functional and aesthetic” furniture made by master craftsmen in Danish oak and birch but also even more exotic materials like Teak and Palisander.

His breakthrough was "Model 49" which originally came out in 1949. An elegant dining chair that now is relaunched as SJ49 or "Jazz" along with the "Captains Chair" which was launched in 1955.

Buck died in 1981. His designs have long been vintage bestsellers and are now available in genuine replicas.